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A human like assistant to help reduce your corporate tasks and let you do the productive work.


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All time connected to your and your nearests’ office 365 Calendar, SharePoint, Teams and identities.

Stay informed about your and your colleague’s calendar

Don’t bother to call your co-worker to check her availability. Accept / cancel meetings on the fly within your favorite chat platform.

Ask tanya;
1. How am I Doing today?
2. How is Alex Walls Doing today?
3. Am I having any free time today?
4. What time is my first meeting on 1st Feb?

Know your co-workers!

Having habit of forgetting birthday’s or anniversaries? Well, tanya can help you!

Ask tanya;
1. can you give me some information about Katrin Smith?
2. Whos birthday is there in this month / week?
3. Who joined this week?
4. Who joined in last two days?
5. which language is suitable to Paul Brown?
6. Who all reports to Mark Jones?
7. Who all are under me?
8. Who will finish 5 years in this month?

Love SharePoint? You will love tanya!

Want to know whats going on now a day in your SharePoint Online environment or navigate directly to your drive?

Ask tanya;
1. Give me my drive details please?
2. Shared with me
3. My latest
4. Search “Flu”
4. search “Rabbit” in ben’s files