• How much time organizations spend training their employees on the corporate applications?
  • How to deal when you spend so much time and resource educating your employees and they leave?
  • Do you think the complexity of the range of application used in your organization is killing the creativity?
  • It’s Saturday and you want your assistant to do a quick job for you?

Well, here comes a birth of the Artificial Intelligent based application like bot.  There has been a lot of talk in the town about chatbots and quite a lot of businesses are either wanting to have it OR wanting to develop one.

What is a bot by the way?

Imaging application like chat software (could be Skype, Slack, Microsoft Team, and Skype for business or Facebook) which could be the face to your employees and take all the hassle to speak to your cloud applications like SAP, salesforce, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, wouldn’t that be more productive and almost no hassle for your employees.

How does it work?

Behind the scene, Bot is using the whole complexity of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract the intent out of the sentence you have typed. If you see in the image on the left, the obvious intent which should come out of the given sentence should be;

The arguments or entities which support the intent should be;

Person: Asha Khubani

Language: Tamil

You can now imagine how many opportunities this can create if NLP is making the life such easy for the enterprises. If it would not have been bot, a user might have to go to the Human Resource department or the manager of Asha Khubani or go to the profile of user (could be Office 365 or any other profile management software your company is using) and check Asha’s language skills. However bot could make it only in one sentence.